Finish the garden beds with their rough-cut cedar sides and poplar posts.

Guard that garden with fencing. images

Build a chicken coop with a gate that will allow the guineas to travel over and eat potato bugs.

Spread mulch on the magnolias and arborvitae.

Build a cabinet where the leaky dishwasher used to be.

Plant the flower garden on the terrace and the wildflowers on the hill.

Put in goat fencing.

Build temporary goat barn.

Buy pygmy goats and a couple that faint.

Look into getting a miniature donkey.

Then, in the time after, build the timber frame lodge, locate and move an old cabin to the mountainside by the rock tumble, construct a yurt.

So much that it could be overwhelming, but it’s not. It just feels so good to look ahead and plan into the dream.

I hope you’ll come visit, work, relax, drink some local hard cider or wine, and dream with us.