The rain has been steady on the metal roof today, and the sound makes me dozy and a little ruminative.  Apparently, it does the same to Meander and the kittens, too.  They’re all napping with their heads propped against things.


This morning, the grackles gifted us with their presence.

I’m pondering plans today.  To be honest, I’m pondering how to finance the plans and dreams of this place.  My business is growing, and for that, I am immensely grateful.  But I’m still not making enough money to build a barn or start the timber frame lodge.  Yet, I feel sure that we will get there, all of us.

This weekend, we have the Basic Soil Prep workshop (with a few spots still available if you want to come), and I’m eager to meet new folks and share a meal together around a bonfire.

Plus, we’re planning another workshop – this one on weed control – for sometime in late April or early May.  More details to come.

So the dream I have of this place is coming to life . . . I’m learning to be patient and keep working away with words and shovel.  Confident that the dream will come as we all need it.