Apparently, here at God’s Whisper, we celebrate Ash Wednesday by a) doing our first blog post in weeks about the farm, b)running over to the neighbor’s pasture to play with our new friend the horse, and c)sleeping under the table and in the hot water heater closet.  I’ll let you decide who is doing what.

The garden beds, under way.

The garden beds, under way.

It’s coming up to spring here.  I’m thrilling at the appearance of daffodils all over this mountainside.  They keep popping up by the maple out front and on the hill by the pumphouse.  Just their promise makes me breath more deeply.

Down the hill, I noticed that the plums are just going the tiniest bit orange with the hint of buds, and the grass is sliding into that shimmer of green that means I need to get Vulcan prepped for the season.

We have got the garden beds started, and we’ll be doing more of those in time for the workshop on March 2.  The wildflower seeds have arrived, and soon, when you pass, you’ll see the slopes here colored bright with flower.

I love the hope of spring because it reminds me of how we get to start a new again and again.  I had another reminder of that this week as my new friend Mindy Koenig has offered – out of the kindness of her deep heart – to do a book relaunch for God’s Whisper Manifesto.  I’m sure you’ll see more about that here as spring officially approaches.

For now, I watch for hints and keep an eye on the clouds that promise snow this weekend.  This shifting seasons – never neat or tidy but always new. .  . like life.

Thanks for reading.