See the farmhouse just below?

See the farmhouse just below wide-open living

Up the mountain from the little blue farmhouse, I want to build a timberframe – my dream house. It will be a space with lots of wood and stone, a big wide-open room that spans into kitchen and dining room with a fireplace where three can plop and warm their backs.

Dad does his thing.

Dad does his thing.

P, mid-throw.

P, mid-throw.

Meander finds trash everywhere. It's actually quite helpful.

Meander finds trash everywhere. It’s actually quite helpful.and warm their backs. 

Upstairs, there will be a lot with a library of sorts, and I will have bedrooms for people to stay and visit.  We will all make bread together and drink tea. We will sit on the wrap around deck and stare at the mountains that surround us.

We will play pool on the table in the basement and watch movies that make us laugh and cry.

This will be my home, but it will be a rest for others, too.  I can’t wait to get started.

So yesterday, Dad, P, and I did just that. We began clearing the roadway up the mountain.

And as soon as I’m free of debt, I”ll take this next step.  I can’t wait.