It’s Saturday, and I’m up before the sunshine. Mostly this is because of Meander, the super pup, but lately, I’m grateful that she wakes me early for a few reasons.

1. Early in the morning, very few people are on social media. That means that even when I can’t keep myself from checking Facebook and Twitter, it doesn’t take me long to sort through what’s there and then move on.

2. When I wake up when the light isn’t bright, I stay in that liminal space somewhere between awake and asleep.  I do my best writing here because I don’t censor myself as much.

3. Coffee still lives in these hours, and it tastes so good when it’s hot and strong against the weak light of a rising sun.

4. These hours give me more time before the rest of the world wakes and begins emailing me.  I can take care of my blog posts, empty my inbox, and still have time to read and stare for a while.

5. I’m NOT a night person. So these extra hours in the day mean I get more done. By 7pm, I’m pretty useless for work, so it’s better if I rise early and power through rather than stay up late.

How about you? Why do you, or don’t you, get up early to write?

Note – a lot of this thinking was prompted by a forthcoming book I just read about the benefits of getting up early.  I think you’ll like it.  More details soon.