Ever wanted to grow a garden but didn’t know quite how to start? Ever tried a garden but didn’t have good yields?  IMG_0927

Come to this workshop and learn how to get started and increase the productivity or your veggies from my dad, Woody, a horticulturist and soil specialist.

In this two-hour workshop, you’ll learn not only what to do to make your garden as productive as it can be but how and why those thing are important.  We’ll talk about soil type, fertilizer, pH, and all sorts of other key things for making your garden grow.

The cost is $15 per person and includes access to a potluck dinner and one of God’s Whisper’s famous bonfires.

So RSVP to Andi today – andilit_at_gmail.com – and plan to bring some yumminess to share as we all learn how to grow more of our own food.  Oh, and of course, Meander the farm pup will be here to greet you.

Start Time – 2pm

Available spaces – 8 of 15