31 days. Around the country. With nothing – including cash or food – but what he garners from people who offer on Craigslist. This is the premise of the documentary Craigslist JoeI LOVE it.  

Joe Garner sets out to see if the rumors that people are less connected than ever are true, and while I hate to spoil the film for you, I can tell you he proves those rumors wrong. For a full 31 days, he manages to find a place to stay every night; he eats fairly regularly; and he travels cross-country . . . twice.

Here’s why I love this film: it proves what I already know – People are generous and good-willed (most of the time) if we give them a chance to be so. 

I’ve found this to be the case over and over again in my writing life. People recommend me for work (just started editing a book for a new client yesterday because of a friend’s recommendation.) People share my posts on FB and re-tweet my updates. People refer their friends to my classes . . . . and this happens every day.

When we give people the opportunity to be kind, we will find – over and over again – that they are. 

So today, I want to prove that to you. Please, in the comments, tell me one way I can promote something you are doing. Maybe you have a website, maybe a book, maybe a cd. Maybe you want to get the word out about a great organization.  Give me the link to your Facebook page or Twitter account if you want. Just tell me about the thing you care about and want to share, and I will promote it on my blog tomorrow as well as on Facebook and Twitter today.  Who knows, maybe I”ll even get wacky and put some stuff up on Google+ and Pinterest, too.

What do you need help spreading the word about? Please, let me help you.

And let’s start here – Chad Gibbs has a donor who will give $10 for each Auburn Fan who goes to his Facebook page and writes “Roll Tide” there. That money will build a clinic for women and children in Haiti. He’s trying to raise $10,000, so spread the word to all the Auburn fans you know and let’s raise that money with Chad, shall we?