Some days, I want to just adopt Wendell Berry’s approach and write only with pen and paper. It seems simpler, more genuine, less about the newest thing or the formatting . . . the words. The words are central.

But I don’t. I write on a computer like many of us. In fact, I write either directly here in WordPress for my blogs, or I write in Word. I don’t write in Scrivener or Evernote. Just Word because, truthfully, that’s what I learned first and what I find simplest.

That said, I hear great things about both Scrivener and Evernote. In fact, I just downloaded the Scrivener trial yesterday because a client uses it to compose and might like me to have it edit his work on it.  And I’ve had Evernote on my phone for a while because it helps me keep track of ideas when I’m out and about.  But something in me is hesitant to pick up these technologies for my writing, as great as so many people find them to be.

I think the thing is that I don’t want to lose even more of my writing time to technology. I already spend literal hours on Facebook, Twitter, and email. I took on Dropbox recently, and while I love it, I haven’t explore most of its features because, well, yeah, I want my time. A client uses Trello to track projects, so I’m getting to know that tool, too, but the idea of learning new technologies and then adding more things to my writing day, it honestly stresses me out a bit.

Maybe the issue is just the learning curve, and I would find that with practice I saved time with these technologies, and because I’m using them with clients, I may well change my tune on this.  (I’ll let you know if I do.)

But there’s also something else at work here – I want my writing to be focused on the words, not the newest formats or the great ability to lay in photos or links.  I want my words to be the most crucial part of anything I write because I’m a writer, not a graphic designer or marketer (as much as today’s writing world asks those things of me.)

So for now, I’m sticking to Word. It may not be Wendell Berry’s pen and paper, but it’s good enough for me.

What technologies do you use to write? How do you feel about all these new tools? Love them? Loathe them?