At the moment, all I can really think about is how many stitches go in the head of a dinosaur.  My crochet orders are booming, and my little fingers are stitching instead of typing.

But come January 2nd, my focus goes back to writing and building God’s Whisper.  And this time away with yarn, well, it’ll make me even more grateful for the gift that is a daily writing practice and the big muscle motions that are farm tending.  

Because I’m a goal and deadline driven person, as most of us are, I want to share with you my writing, editing, and farm goals for 2013.  They’re big, but they are so doable.


1. By January 31, finish the final edits of You Will Not Be Forgotten.

2. By February 15, query 10 more agents about that manuscript.

3. By March 1, begin research on my next creative nonfiction project (top secret for now, but I’m really excited.)

4. By November 1, complete research on new project.

5. By December 31, have completed a working outline and 5 chapters of new project.

6. Write 1,000 words a day, five days a week.


1. Work with 4 clients a month on book manuscripts.

2. Have 2 coaching clients per month.

3. Enroll at least 3 students in each of my online classes.

4. Work with a least one co-writing client.

1. By February 15th, establish course of goat fencing.

2. By March 31, establish God’s Whisper Farm as a nonprofit, if that seems wisest course of action.

3. Build barn.

4. Purchase and install goat fencing.

5. Get 4 goats and 2 Great Pyrenees (rescues if possible.)

6. Build garden with raised beds and deer fencing.

7. Build chicken coop and get flock of heritage chickens and guineas.

8. Have 10 groups of visitors come to visit/work/dream at the farm.

Just writing these goals down makes me so excited. There’s something about setting out a path ahead that rejuvenates me, even in the midst of sleep deprivation and crochet fatigue.

I’ll need your help to achieve these goals.  If you have suggestions about goat fencing or need help editing a manuscript, if you’d like to take a class or give your experience on garden beds, if you’d like to come visit and help out or just refer a friend for some help with her resume, I’d be so grateful.

I can’t imagine how 2013 can be better than 2012, but I know it will be. . . . with goats and goals, how could it not?

What are your goals – writing and otherwise – for 2013?


Tonight at 9pm on Twitter, Jim Woods will host the #writestuff chat. They’ll be talking about writing goals.  Please, join them if you are able; it’s a great time with other writers.