Tis the season . . . of crocheted animals for me.  For you, it make be the time of shopping or holiday parties or so much decorating that one more light, and you’re going to break a plastic reindeer leg. 

The holidays are my favorite time of year, partially because they require me to step out of my routine.  I can’t do my usual day. I want to make more time to socialize and drive the mountain hollows looking at lights.  I don’t want to stay lock-stepped in any routine this time of year.

But of course, this means something has to give, and right now, what’s giving is writing . . . and while I miss it, I’m okay with that.  The practice will be there when I come back after the first of the year.  It’ll take me a few days of fits and starts, but I”ll get there.  I will.

What I won’t do right now is blame the holiday season for my lack of writing.  I refuse. I have just as much time as I ever do, and I could choose different priorities to make time now. But I don’t want those priorities.

For me the holidays, specifically Christmas, has a certain sparkle when done well. We sing more. We cry at TV commercials – come on, the brother coming home and making coffee is a tear-jerker. We spend more time – hopefully – thinking about what the people we love appreciate and enjoy.  We get to know people in new ways at holiday parties.  We light more candles. I find myself reflective this time of year.

I won’t give that up, and I won’t burden this season with the way it changes my writing practice either.  For ’tis the season.  Sometimes hard. Sometimes absolutely beyond belief with joy.  But it only comes once a year, and I – for one -will treasure it.

Writing, I’ll see you in January.

How do you handle the holidays in terms of your writing? How do you feel about that?