My list could be in the thousands, the millions, but today, here is my top ten.  I’d love to hear yours.

Meander and I are serious about being thankful.

10. An opportunity to do for my grandparents what mother cannot now do.

9. A father who is with me here and who knows that the best thing to do with a fur stole is give it to Meander to play with.

8. A good sense of humor about kitsch.

7. The ability to laugh at the way my grandmother has saved the shoulder pads from every shirt she’s ever owned.

6. The completion of two books that I am excited and passionate about.

5. A farm I can call my own and people who love and live my dream for it.

4. Meander’s ability to make even this hard task fun with her constant lapping of the house.

3. The opportunity to find photos of Mom that I haven’t seen before.

2. Friends who remember that today is hard.

1. The kind presence of a man who gets me and who knows that a hammock under the stars sounds like about the best thing in the world right now.

Happy Thanksgiving,  everyone.