Yesterday, people ordered ten of my little hedgehogs. 10 of them . . . and then someone asked me to make a cross-stitch sample for her new baby . . . and then someone else contacted me about editing an article . . . and then someone else is letting me edit his novel . . . and then someone else offered to rent a backhoe to help us get the trees in the ground.  I am absolutely buoyant with your support.  It feels like there are a million hands just ready to hand me a tool or push me up a hill or stoke the fire on a quiet night under the stars.

Today, I want to give my hands to you.  Below, you will find ten great blogs that you – the Whisperers – write.  I had many more to choose from, but these spoke to me especially today.  Take a read and then be sure to share your own blog, book page, album, or website in the link-up below.

This Hedgehog and Her Buddies Are Grateful.

1. Thoughts from House Mount.  Brock West is a pastor, father of twins, and farmer.  I find his thoughts refreshingly sincere and straight-forward.  Plus, on Twitter, he and I make up the burgeoning #farmersunite movement.

2. Find Stuff 2 Read. Shannon Howell started this website expressly to help all us readers find new things to read AND to help writers promote their work.  You’ll find reviews, excerpts, and giveaways. I’d bookmark this one, folks.

3. Cultural Savage. Aaron Smith pushes hard at the edges of what it means to be an artist, a Christian, and a human being.  Plus, he has written the most beautiful things about God’s Whisper.  Subscribe to this one.

4. Tammy Helfrich is one of the most encouraging people I know. She just bought me Lamott’s new book for my birthday, and she sends me postcards – in the actual mail often. Plus, this week, she’s giving away books.

5. Like a Radio. Melanie Shannon Hill writes about her kids, but she isn’t one of those perfect Mommy Bloggers who can make cookies while holding triplets and also sewing the world’s best Halloween costumes.  She’s honest and true, and she blogs about things other than her kids as well.  Love her.

6. Raggle Taggle. Tammy Perlmutter blogs real life – sometimes hard, painful real life, and I love what she has to say. Plus, her blog includes the most amazing pictures.  And I’m crocheting her a star-nosed mole. Talk about pushing me to new heights.

7. 8th Day Fiction. Brian Plank is – I’m pretty sure – the funniest man on Facebook. If you follow me there, you can see your witticisms yourself. His blog is micro fiction, and it is really good stuff.  For those of you who feel like you don’t have a novel in you, here’s a model you might give a go.

8. Sharry Sharry’s tagline is “Approaching Life with Bold Enthusiasm,” and you can see that in her blog. She lives in Alaska, which I just find genuinely awesome, and she’s a biker – also awesome. She writes fiction and blogs life.  Good stuff all around.

9. This Gal’s Journey. To be honest, I just read Jen’s (not Jenny’s) blog for the first time today, but I love it. Her writing is fresh and lyrical. Plus, she lives in Ireland, and I’m jealous.  I subscribed, and I recommend you do, too.

10. Stuff Dog Owner’s Love. Jesse Moore writes about his dog Daisy. . . I love it.  I think, maybe, this is why parents love parenting blogs – the camaradarie.  Plus, Daisy is adorable, not as adorable as Meander, but still . . .

Now it’s your turn.  Use this link up to share your website or the one of someone you love.  I will check out every blog, and if hedgehog crocheting doesn’t steal away my hours, I will comment on every one, too.  My only request – if you share a link, be sure to read one of the pages above or another link and make a comment, too.  Let’s connect, folks – a big circle of hands helping one another out.