On Saturday, S jumped on Vulcan the tractor like they’d been friends for years and headed down the yard, P and I trailing after.  We had firewood to load for the bonfire that night.  God’s Whisper was providing an ample supply of already felled limbs.

As Meander sniffed out a Ghostbusters Thermos and an oil pan from amongst one of the many piles of trash left in the pasture by the previous owners, P, S, and I hauled out small timbers and limbs, loading Vulcan’s trailer full.  P and I headed up the hill, and S turned around for the ride back up.

P and I stood above the farmhouse, and we could see S spinning, unable to carry that load over the hill.  She was laughing and reversing. Then spinning again.  She wasn’t going anywhere.


This weekend, filled me up. With gifts – coffee and a new (cat urine free backpack), beer and the promise of a girls’ night out for the Twilight movie, candles and gift certificates for bookstores. With food – S’s cookies and A’s bread, my first tastes of mead, Dad’s grilled chicken.  With community – the people who stood in my bedroom and admired the progress on the farmhouse while I watched from the bonfire, the folks who told me they loved this place, the over 2oo people who wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook.  Community – write large and small.

Today, as I sit overflowing with warmth and support, I am in that slightly weepy place I get when I am affirmed in the path I have taken.  There is much work to do – much that will be hard – but it is weekends like this – where people I love and trust gather to give me a little push further that get me through those times. 


As S sat spinning her wheels and laughing, P and I walked back down and got on either side of Vulcan. Just a little push and she was going again.  For a few feet.

But we stayed behind her and pushed her along as needed.  It was a beautiful thing.

Thank you for walking beside and behind me to push me along when I need it. 

How can I give you a little push – can I encourage you or share your work with people who might love or need it?  Please tell me how I can be a warm hand on your back right now?