It’s a cool but gorgeous morning here at God’s Whisper Farm.  (I feel like this sentence and its variants might need to be my tagline, a la Keilor and Wobegan – what do you think?)  My friend S flew in last nigh, and we caught up on the ride down from the airport.  It’s going to be a great weekend.

See, it’s my birthday weekend, and over the next few days, many of the people I love will descend upon this place to warm it and celebrate it with me.  I cannot wait.

We have big plans for a bonfire and a barbecue. Hikes on the trails and mountainside wiffle ball matches.  We’ll drink good beer and talk . . . The place will be deeper and wider when everyone leaves.

So I hope you’ll forgive me for taking the weekend off from the blog.  I may need to do that more as I pour myself into this place with more time and energy.  But that only seems right – to be with the people I can hug and trust that all of you that I love but can’t touch, yet, will be there when I return.

So Happy Birthday weekend from God’s Whisper. May your weekend be as full of warmth and joy as I know mine will be.