One of the reasons I believe so strongly in community is because you, the members of my community, The Whisperers, keep me honest, and true, and focused.  Yesterday, when I wrote about hating to wait for responses to my queries, my wise friend Laraine Herring said:

Waiting is hard if you’re attached to an outcome (any outcome – rejection or acceptance). You’ve done the work. You’ve let it go. Now is not the waiting. Now is the time to start work on the next thing. Don’t let the in-between stop you.

I read her comment and felt something shift a little to the left in my chest – yes, she is right. It’s time to move on.

Dreams Burn Beautiful

Yesterday, while I sanded the treads of all fourteen steps in the farmhouse, I mulled and sifted her words.  One thing she suggested was that I write a manifesto for the farm.  Of all the things I could write at this moment, this idea feels the most right to me.It gets me excited. Revved up. I woke up thinking of ideas.

I’ve considered writing a book on writing, at the suggestion of another friend, but to be honest, I feel like I need to earn my credentials a bit more first – I know a lot about writing, and I’ve published a lot of essays, articles, and chapters. But until I get a book contract, I feel like I need to wait. I need to show I know what I’m doing before I tell others how to do it.

I have another research-based project in mind as well, and I’m almost certain I will come to that as my next formal writing project.  But it’s too soon for me to put myself into archives again, so this one will wait as well.

No, The God’s Whisper Manifesto – that’s the thing I’m to do now. I want to explain why this place will be one where everyone is welcome, where money is a tool not an indicator of worth in any form, where we will be as conscious of our resources as we can without putting them before people, where all work is valued whether it be songwriting or car repair or accounting.  I have a lot to say about this place, about how I want it to reflect – as much as possible in a broken world – the ideals of love and respect and stewardship and community.

But the thing that is getting me most excited is that I want to write this book to reflect your ideals, the way you want the world to be and the ways in which you are willing to work to bring that about.  I can’t promise that your ideals and mine will always align, but I can give you my word that I will consider carefully every suggestion for this place.

God’s Whisper is my home, but I want it to be your refuge, even if you never come here.  I want this small farm to be a place you can call to mind when you need solace and rest.  I want this small farm to be a place where you can actually come and find sanctuary if you need it.

So please, share your ideas of what you think should be guiding principles for this place. If you have to imagine your ideal community, how would people treat each other, treat animals, treat the land?  What would be here – cabins, trails, fire pits, big comfy furniture, a wishing well, camels? What do you see when you imagine God’s Whisper?  Share with me, please, and I will listen.

Then, I will write.  Starting next week, this is my new project.  When it is done, it will be for you and for me.  I will give it away to anyone who wants to dream along.  If you want to be a part of this journey on a daily basis, please subscribe to my email list in the upper left-hand corner of this screen. You’ll get my daily posts and monthly newsletters.  Plus, when The God’s Whisper Manifesto is releasedyou’ll be the first to get a free copy.

Dream with me. Share your vision. Whisper your ideas.  I’m listening.