One of my dreams for this place – and this blog is part of God’s Whisper as much as anything else – is that this community will rally to help those in need. Today, I’m asking you to please consider making a small donation to the Red Cross to help those in New Jersey and New York who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The need is critical, as I’m sure you know. So let’s rally, Whisperers. Let’s help.


Today, I’ve decided that you – my community – will be called The Whisperers. You quietly but clearly whisper love and support and help in this world. I am so honored to be a part of you.

I am beyond overwhelmed by the way you all responded to my request for help last week. So many of you shared, tweeted, emailed my post, and so many of you brought me work. . . I am so grateful.  Thank you.

Many of you also asked how you can help, and I’m working on a way for people to get involved in various ways and at different levels.  I’ll be making that information available as soon as I sort through to make the wisest, most aware plan I can.

In the meantime, there are a few things I could use here, so if you are interested, please comment, and I’ll connect with you.

Kitchen Needs– To save money I often bake gifts, so these are crucial elements of the future here.

  • A large mixing bowl
  • Measuring cups and spoons

Outdoor Needs – To get this place into shape, I need a few more tools.

  • A lightweight chain saw
  • Wire for electrified goat fencing
  • Buckets for hauling water (used 5-gallon ones are awesome)

Information – To make this dream reality, I need a lot of wisdom from others. If you know people who are knowledgeable in this area, I’d be grateful to have you share my contact information with them.

  • Raising goats or alpacas
  • Establishing a business with proper attention to taxes
  • Yurt construction
  • An estate jeweler who might be interested in purchasing a Victorian Cameo.

Funding – I need cash. In the future, I will be developing a way for people to contribute to God’s Whisper and be a fiscal part of the dream. For now, though, I just need more work.

  • Orders to my Etsy Shop – I can custom-make almost any stuffed animal you like, and more items will be going online later today.
  • Writing/Editing/Coach Clients – I offer ghostwriting services, editing services (content, line, and proofreading), and I coach writers in how to give writing more prominence in their daily lives.

Community – I need you. You are what keeps me going.

  • Tweet and share the dream –
  • Tweet and share the needs –
  • Email me with ideas, suggestions, encouragement –
  • Come work. We need to clear trails and build a garden. If you’d like to visit and work, just email me, and we’ll work it out.  I’ll make you biscuits.

I feel nervous posting these requests, especially in light of the massive devastation in the north east right now.  Still, it also feels right, the thing I am to do today.

Thank you, every one of you, for the way you love me.