Today, the East Coast is doing our typical natural disaster panic of grocery shopping and gas station visiting. Yesterday, the gas station by Dad’s was out of regular gas, so I had to get higher end gas for the same price (in order to get back to the farm). Honey the Hyundai has never had it so good.

This afternoon, I”ll make some rice and beans to keep for the week and fill containers with water.  I’ve got candles and dog toys.

And I’m planning my reading in case we lose power.  I figure I can make it through several days by alternating between crocheting, devouring a book, and forcing Meander to brave the wind and rain for the necessaries.  In fact, it doesn’t sound half bad.

So here are my top ten choices for Frankenstorm reading.  (Note – I’d love for Frankenstein to be on the list, but since I don’t re-read many books, it’s out faster than Heidi Klum can say it.)

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – I just started this one, and I love Amy’s voice . . . plus, I’m into figuring out what happened to her.

Let’s Take the Long Way Home by Gail Caldwell – I began to read this book two years ago, and then my mom was diagnosed with cancer.  My friend Vanessa advised me to stop; I did. Now, I think I’m ready again.

Herb Gardening in Five Seasons by Adelma Grenier Simmons – Dad brought this one by yesterday, and I’m feeling the urge to get the garden planned – this will work well.

All I Did Was Ask by Terry Gross – I love her interview style, and I’d like to improve mine.  Seems like a good time to start.

Home Town by Tracy Kidder – I adore Kidder’s writing, but I haven’t read this one. Seems appropriate on a day when I might be forced to know my new home town better than ever.  Nothing like a crazy storm to bring neighbors together.

See You in  Hundred Years by Logan Ward – I’ve started this book several times and enjoyed it . . . just never really committed.  Perhaps the days when I might have to live a bit more rustic will be the time.

The Children’s Book by A. S. Byatt – I love Byatt, and I’m thinking I might enjoy the complex worlds she creates when mine gets limited limited to 728 square feet.

The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka – I’ve perused this book but not really delved into the text. Maybe she’ll give me some ways to make the farmhouse more special.

Sweet Hereafter by Russell Banks – I’ve kept this book on my shelf for years. Now, now, I could read it.

Inheriting The Trade by Tom DeWolf – Looking forward to this great book about the way the slave trade has affected us all. Good time to keep my skills sharp when working on the book itself might be tough.

There’s my list. What’s on yours?