Yesterday, I watched a man jump from space to earth. 24 miles, most of which in total free fall. From space to earth.  And he landed on his feet.  Then held a press conference.

He walks through all the pre-fall steps and then when he is standing on the edge of the capsule, he looks down and says, “I’m really high.” Then, he waves and jumps.  No hesitation.  He was ready.

And he fell. Head over feet over 7oo mph.

Then, he stabilized and went head first toward earth, toward his goal.

All the way, the man who held the world record, Joseph Kittinger, talks him through it.

His family watched and cheered.  The ground control team watched and cheered.  He had champions.

Then, his chute opened, and people cried.  He had done it.


I am so beyond inspired by Felix Baumgartner. By one man who had a dream and did it. By all the people who rallied behind him. By the science that backed him up. Even by his sponsor, Red Bull. Because these people all believed it was possible.

Imagine what would happen if we all believed our dreams were possible. If we supported each other in those dreams. If we trained for them and dealt with the disappointment of missed launches and delayed accomplishments.

We might go head over feet in a spin for a while, but then, maybe we would stabilize and zoom head first – past the speed of sound – to our hopes and wildest goals.  Maybe we would hear the people who love us cheer.

Maybe we could find that the people who we perceive as competitors actually coach us home.

Maybe, just maybe, we would find that we inspire millions on a Sunday afternoon to reach out for their dreams, too.

I mean, a man just jumped from space to earth.  It doesn’t get much more incredible than that.

What would you do today if you let yourself fall head over feet into your dream? What would you get off that platform and into free fall?