In 9 days, I will be blogging from this same desk in my own foyer. It has been nearly two years since I had my own living space. I am eager.

Living with my father has been beyond a blessing. This space has given me time to grieve, time to recalibrate life, time to write. My relationship with my dad has deepened in ways I didn’t think were possible, and it will be heartbreaking in so many ways not to see him every morning, not to sit and share coffee and conversation in his living room. I will miss him.

Still, now that I know God’s Whisper, now that I can feel the time when I will be there pressing down on me, I am so ready. To have a writing space all my own, to build the place where I can dream my dreams, to take space where my grief can be loud and private without spilling over into someone else’s, to hold evenings with a cup of tea and a puppy at my feet on the porch while the gloaming paints the mountains the gray blue of dusk.

So today, as I push through the work of a normal day – grading and email and the editing of another chapter – I am letting the space behind all that sing with with the joy of looking forward.

Hez tells me that bluebirds symbolize joy. I have seen a pair at the farm already.

The joy is a bluebird, her head thrown back, her lungs full, belting out her song with gusto and the hope of dreams lived. .

What are you eager for today? What gives you joy today?