I’m in a Marilynne Robinson kind of mood today.

I don’t know Ms. Robinson, so I can’t really say what her moods are as a person. But in her work, there is this quiet, nearly brooding but not self-centered tone. It’s the kind of feel I get when I’m my most pensive, when I most want time alone to think and work and read. That kind of mood.

Some days I’m much more in a an Anne Lamott zone. I feel a little snarky and wise, maybe a tad bit sorry for myself. This mood is louder, more people-oriented, more energetic.

Other days, I feel a little more Tracy Kidder, all analytic and exacting, where language can work with the weight and precision of newly poured basement floor. Solid. Balanced. True in the way a wall should be.

It’s a rare day when I feel like Earnest Hemingway, tidy and straight-forward, clean, and even rarer still for me to feel like Nora Roberts with her loveliness and flowers.

Mostly, my days range from Robinson to Lamott to Ackmerman to Didion to Baldwin to Kidder to, just rarely, Roth. Quiet, blended between the spinning, gray calculations of the mind and the rainbow bands of emotion.

Today, with the silvery gauze of cloud hanging low above the trees, with dogs walked through the moist pre-dawn air and deer scattering like marbles, I, I am feeling very Marilynne Robinson, and I’m totally good with that.

What writerly mood are you in today? What moods do you see in the work of writers you love?