In one hour, all the funds will be wired, and the last step toward owning my farm will be complete. I’m sort of lost in the bright sunshine of this reality at the moment . . . it doesn’t seem quite real yet.

But it will, and soon . . .

On Saturday, I will open up the house and begin to clean. I’ll rip up carpet, sweep up stinkbugs, and with blessed relief, begin to get rid of the cat urine smell. (Tips, much appreciated.) I have walls to scrub, and holes to patch and paint to apply. (I’m thinking of going bold with color.) Lots of work to do be done . . .

And that’s only the 728 square feet of the house itself.

Dad and his crew will come the next weekend and clean trash off the land and pick up brush. They’ll cut down dead trees and those in the way of the house. We’ll all mow and weed eat.

Still, this will only be the beginning.

But I’ve done this before. I’ve written a book.

I felt much the same way when I started You Will Not Be Forgotten. I had no idea even how to begin there (at least the cat urine makes that obvious in the house). The task seemed impossible, never ending, gargantuan. Yet, today, I have 21 chapters written, four revised, and a plan to finish by the first of September. It is happening.

These big dreams seem impossible at first, but then, there is just one day at once, and we find a way. That day, then the next, then the next. 1,000 words, 2 hours behind a mower, one box of baking soda at a time.

Now, to just keep my head down and finish the revisions before I get lost in the farm plans . . . that’s a gargantuan task in itself.

How do you tackle a seemingly impossible task? What’s your method for getting started and staying committed?