Today is a landmark day here in the Bremo Bluff office of writer Andi Cumbo. In the next couple of hours, she will draft the final chapter of her book You Will Not Be Forgotten . . .

Okay, so there’s no reporter here covering this day for me. ABC News isn’t doing a live blog about my progress. Nope, all the news coverage is rightfully where it should be. At this moment, the Supreme Court is poised to announce their decision on Obamacare, and as a self-employed person, I am hoping and praying that they do not overturn it. I’m hoping that for me and for the millions of others who cannot afford or cannot qualify for healthcare because of pre-existing conditions. I am hopeful.

But I cannot change that outcome. What I can do is be faithful to what is set before – this last chapter; wow, it takes my breath just to say that.

I have so much work left to do on this book. Hours and hours of revision. More research. A great deal of cutting. Reams of adding.

Today, though, today, I will finish one step of this process – the first draft of my first book. Holy cow, it feels good to say that.

So it’s a landmark day here in this office in Central Virginia, a truly landmark day.

Tomorrow, I leave for a week’s vacation to New England with my friend K. We’re camping most days and then taking a couple of luxury days at a spa outside of Burlington. We’ll eat our weight in cheese and maple syrup and just enjoy the ride. A fitting way to celebrate this achievement to be sure.

Now, off to the page.

Where are you in your writing projects? When will your next landmark day be? How will you celebrate?