For the first time in over a year, I missed posting yesterday. I was at Relay for Life and had been awake for over 25 hours at that point . . . to be honest, I just had other priorities.

The Survivors at Relay For Life of Fluvanna

Like looking at the photo album a man brought to show pictures of his wife who died of cancer, just 6 months ago.

Like hugging a friend who told me that he couldn’t do anything when his wife was fighting thyroid cancer and Relay gave him something to do.

Like listening to people laugh and talk quietly under their tents at 3am.

Like watching my friend’s son Will break out some killer dance moves on a football field at 2am.

Like seeing a woman and her months-old infant wrapped together in a blanket during the pre-dawn due.

Like shaving my head to show solidarity with people who lose their hair.

Like seeing my dad’s tears as he read my mother’s name 87 times on gifts from dear friends.

Like watching my friends and family work so hard that they were pale and broken but joyful, so joyful.

Like realizing at just before 6am that this small place of just 35,000 people and one stoplight had raised over $77,000 so that someday, soon we hope, we will end the days when people hear the sentence, “You have cancer.”

Sometimes, there are much more important things than writing.