Today, as I read Shawn Smucker’s “Last Post from the Road”, as we get ready to throw a massive party to fight cancer, as I look ahead (for a moment) to next week and see the writing I have the honor of doing, it can feel overwhelming and terrifying . . . this life can . . . but then, people like Laura Crosby speak and remind me: it’s going to be okay. It always has been and always will be better than okay.

A few weeks ago some gifted young women who live in another part of the country, asked me to sort of mentor them. I haven’t heard from them recently so I think they may have come to their senses and realized this request was kind of like inviting Zacchaeus onto their basketball team. But anyway, what went through my mind is exactly what has gone through my mind when others have graciously approached me with an invitation:

Wow. I LOVE them!

I must be special!

Holy Buckets! What do I have to give them?

What if they expect, you know, wise words whenever I open my mouth and I’ve got, like…NOTHING!?

What if I say I’ll do this and then they’re disappointed in me? What if they decide I’m a Loser Mentor?

And then God whispers…

You’ve got this.

Because really…you don’t.

But I do.

And that’s all that matters.

Listen to them. Listen to Me. Listen to them with Me and that will be enough.

Because I’m always more than enough.

This was a nice invitation. However, there are many times when I question my adequacy because there hasn‘t been an invitation. I don’t feel called, or challenged, or included in anything “significant” But in those moments God whispers…

You’ve got this. You’re chosen. But not because you’re adequate, or even asked by others, but just available. And I am with you.

And He brings to mind the story of the widow at Zaraphath in 1st Kings who had only a handful of flour and a little oil, preparing a last meal for herself and her son when the prophet Elijah showed up asking for one meal. And then another, and another.

God’s word to her through Elijah is His word to me and you. ”…make a small loaf of bread from what you have…” And there was food for every day.

Just use what you have. And I will make it so much more.

Just respond to the small things I’ve put in your hands. In front of you. In your family. In your neighborhood. In your workplace.

You’ve got this when you realize that you don’t, because I do.

Where do you feel inadequate? Where are you afraid you won’t have what is needed?

Laura Crosby is a follower of Jesus who gets it wrong a lot. She’s a friend to twenty-somethings journeying with Jesus. She’s a walker and a Starbucks groupie. Though her husband is the one who gets the paycheck, they are both pastors and approach ministry as a team there in Minneapolis. They have two delightful daughters who live and work together in Washington D.C. She writes a blog about paying attention to the relationships, experiences and practices God uses to form us…taking God seriously, but ourselves not so much.