Yesterday, I received some feedback on my blog here saying that is was somber and dark and recommending that I lighten up my posts a bit. I, for one, don’t feel like what I write is dark, but if someone else does, I need to heed that and consider.

So I did.

Here’s what I decided – writing happy is very hard. Most writers know this. I’ve even been to panels at AWP about this very topic. There’s just something about happiness that’s hard to pin down in words.

I think it may be that happiness feels like the sun at high noon. There are no shadows to explore, no chiaruscuro that lends itself to play and flesh. Instead, everything is right out there – clear and crystal. It’s hard to write what is already in full light.

That said, I don’t want you guys to get down every time you read my blog, so today, I give you the 10 things that make me happy today, on June 7, 2012.

1. The weather. 70s and cloudless here in VA today.

2. Chocolate. (Do I have to explain?)

3. Motorcycles. I get to ride today!!

4. Social Media. I get to IM with dear friends who I almost never see.

5. Blue glass. I have three vases on my shelf above my desk. I love how they look in light.

6. The fact that I will almost certainly run out of shampoo AND conditioner on the very day I shave my head.

7. Post-it flags. I never have cause to use them, and yet I love them anyway.

8. Cee-Lo Green. I’m singing “F*&^ You” because of a Facebook combination, and I’m happy about it.

9. I-HOP. Bacon and french toast here I come.

10. Relay For Life of Fluvanna. As of today, we have raised over $55,000 and registered 500 participants for our American Cancer Society event this weekend. This, this is my biggest happinest today.

What about you? What 10 things are making today happy for you?