Another one came in the mail yesterday. The size of a postcard with Wells Fargo as the return address. An overdraft notice. I get a couple of these once a month.

These Horses Will Not Drag My Dream Away

I hate them.

But this is the reality of building this life as a writer. Sometimes, okay frequently, I run out of cash. The cash always come in before the bank has to call me or threaten collections, so my credit score is still high.

But my ego is not. My ego takes a blow with everyone one of these notices.

There are people reading this right now who are literally cringing, pulling back from the screen or tsk-tsking at my lack of financial responsibility. I get that. I understand those feelings. I give them to myself regularly.

But here’s the thing – I refuse to live in that cringy, tsk-tsky place. Instead, I choose to live in the place of freedom where every day I wake excited about how I will spend every single hour.

A few overdraft notices are worth it. They really are.

I’m exploring options for making cash – I just got my first order for crocheted stuff animals – an elephant and a panda – that I custom make for people. That’s exciting – mostly because it will give me justification for my yarn addiction.

I’m thinking of putting ads on this blog – selective ads for people and companies I love and respect and think you will, too.

I keep adding more and more classes, and I’ve told everyone I know that I’m available for writing and editing projects.

I may even don the barista or bookseller title again for the spare cash.

But here’s what I will not do – I will not give up on this life.
I have seized it. I am living it. I will not sacrifice it, even as I sacrifice a new pair of jeans to save a few bucks.

So those overdraft notices, yeah, they make me a little ashamed. But in the larger context, they are a reminder that anything worth doing requires sacrifice and hard work.

Maybe I should frame one.

What are you willing to sacrifice to live your dream?