On Sunday mornings, I would carry one book to church, but it wasn’t a Bible. It was the latest novel I was reading – sometimes a Choose Your Own Adventure, sometimes one of those Christian romances about a girl named Felicity or something like that, sometimes the George MacDonald novels that baffled me mostly but made me feel smart.

My TBR shelves, every one a potential candidate for the Book Pocket

I don’t know how I carried the book, probably just in my little hands that weren’t also filled with purses and planners and notebooks. I didn’t really have much that to be responsible for, but I knew I wanted that book with me when the sermon (forgive me, Rev. Weaver) got a little long.

I’ve lost some of that. Yesterday, I saw all day working a table at an event, and I didn’t bring a book. I was frustrated with myself. Of course, this meant I talked more with people, and that was a good thing. But after twelve hours, even the most chatty among us – which I am not – grows weary of chat. I really missed my book.

I could see it on my nightstand – Libba Bray’s A Great And Terrible Beauty – and I missed it. Sigh.

Now, that I have to carry so many things – smart phone, planner, notebook, lip glosses – I sometimes don’t pick up a book to take a long. It’s sad really.

This is why I am inventing – with the help of someone who really knows how to invent something – the Book Pocket. It’s discrete pocket on a person’s clothes into which she can fit a book of any size.

For women, the pocket will not be on our butts, unless by special request, because most of us don’t need additional padding in that anatomical area. But men will have the Butt Book Pocket standard, since I am growing weary of men who say they need more cushioning on their rears.

The pocket will expand or contract depending on the size of the book, and it will be triggered by an alarm at the doors of our homes if we try to leave without a book.

If you are the e-reading variety, the alarm will be much easier to rig, but for you, the real benefit is that the pocket will also have a built-in charger for your e-reader.

The Book Pocket will bear the weight of even the most Proustian tome without making us walk crooked, and it will be easy to open, unlike that blasted driver’s license window on most wallets.

All in all, this invention will save us countless hours of boredom and allow us to read our massive TBR piles sooner.

What do you think? Will it sell? Or should it be a free item issued with a library card? Anyone know a magical seamstress who can whip up a prototype?

The five people who create the best sketch of a design for the Book Pocket will be featured on this blog, my Twitter feed, and my Facebook page with a link to your own page or another website you choose. The design I choose as best will win a $10 gift certificate to the local bookstore of your choice . . .

Just email me your image with your name and website choice at andilit_at_gmail.com Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Contest closes Saturday, May 5th, and winners will be announce here next Sunday as part of The Sunday Salon