It’s a dream, mother-f*&$er. Let me live it.

I was going to write about the blue bird couple that is building a nest in the birdhouse my mom made just outside my office and about the ruby-throated hummingbird I saw on our feeder early this morning.

They were gorgeous and serene. I am not. I’m a little testy in fact. I’m a little tired of people being all “debbie downer” about my dreams and the dreams of other people.

Hence, my new t-shirt slogan. I’m going to print it up on a bunch of those great vintage t-shirts that feel like your favorite quilt, and then, I’ll wear them everywhere, including in my Gravatar, my head shots, and my Facebook profile pic. Hell, I may even change my Facebook banner to just that phrase.

You see, here’s the thing about dreams – they don’t seem realistic. If they were realistic, then they wouldn’t be dreams – they’d be plans, and plans are far less exciting. Dreams inspire us; plans stress us out. But we need dreams as much as – perhaps more than – we need plans. Plans get screwed up because we can’t control things; dreams – dreams overcome. . . that’s their nature.

What I wish is that when I share my dream with someone, that person will just get excited with me or laugh with me (as in the case of yesterday’s post), as most people typically do. What I wish is that those negative nellies out there would keep their negativity to themselves. The world brings me enough of that.

Here are some acceptable responses when someone tells you their dream:
1. That is amazing. How are you going to make this happen? How can I help?
2. I know you’ve had this dream for a long time, and I’m thrilled you’re moving forward with it. Woo hoo!
3. AWESOME. I’ll make you curtains. (A direct quote from my mom’s best friend about my farm.)
4. I only get a few nights of baby-sitting, but I would gladly use one of those to help you clean up cat urine. (Another direct quote from one of my best high school friends.)
5. You. Go. Girl. (That’s what Mom would say.)

See, dreams are fragile; they break more easily than the bluebird eggs that will soon be in the nest outside my office. We need to treasure them, coddle them, nurture them. . . trust me, life will bring enough “reality” into the picture without us trying to point it out.

Dream on, all . . . and feel free to tell me about it. I’ll “You go, girl/boy” it all day long.

Now, who wants a t-shirt?