Some bloggers are writing about why they blog (Michael Hyatt and Lisa Colon Delay are the two I read), and their posts caused me ponder why I do this thing. I’m just a baby compared to those two (only 1,200 posts to their 12,000 or so), but now, I don’t think I could give it up. Blogging is the one thing that I do every single day of the week. It’s part of who I am now.

Here’s why I blog, every day, without fail.
1. Discipline. Even if I write nothing else that day, I have written one solid, crafted thing. This blog is what I cling to on those days when I would rather chew glass than write.

2. Practice To be able to write a good blog post, I have had to learn to be concise, to be focused, and to be aware of my readers. Those are essential skills for any writer.

3. Connection When people comment on what I write, when they share it on FB or Twitter, I feel like I’m affirmed by friends, people who support me. It’s like a pat on the back.

4. Conversation Much like “connection,” blogs give me a chance to participate in conversation with other writers about issues that we care about. Sometimes it feels like a great evening at a wine bar here in my office.

5. Platform For me this is the least important reason I blog, but it is a small reason.

I truly don’t know what I would do without this blog, without you folks who read what I write, those of you who comment and share, those of you who blog and write yourselves so I can engage in conversation. Thank you. Thank you.

So why do you blog? Carry this conversation to your own page and then link back here, if you will. I’d love to hear what you say.