It has been downright WARM here in Virginia this week. On Thursday, the temperature soared over 80. I don’t like hot weather much, but the first few days of it feel like someone has wrapped up the sun and handed it to me as a package – I gloried in these days.

Many readers talk about how they loved to hunker down during the winter months and read under blankets by fires with cups of hot tea. I wish this was me. In winter, I sew and watch TV – the things my family has always done in winter when the ground can’t be worked and the bustle of the holidays leaves us fatigued from one too many Christmas events at church.

But as soon as the spring turns things golden with her light, I find myself racing through pages, soaking them up like sunbeams. On Monday afternoon, I sat in the sun on a rock wall at the edge of the driveway where the sun was toasting the rocks and read the opening to Nikky Finney’s Head Off and Split. Something in me perked and stirred, like the swallows in the brambles behind me. I’m coming back to life, too.

Does spring bring out the reading fever in you? Or do you lose it then?