I picked up a copy of A.J. Jacobs’ book A Year of Living Biblically on a whim – nonfiction, about Bible stuff – sounded good. . . and boy, was it ever? Jacobs is funny, insightful, and wise – all without having to make pedantic statements about fundamentalism or spirituality in general.

This week, as I’ve been in the recliner pondering my book, wondering what this new idea of immersion memoir means for my writing, I’ve grown to love the idea more and more, and Jacobs’ talk about his book just reinforces the growing confidence I have. Immersion writing gives writers immediate experience that they can draw from about a topic and allows us to speak with some authority about topic that we might not have be experts in otherwise. . . I love this. I think Jacobs’ video will show why.

Enjoy the video, enjoy Jacobs, and pick up a copy of his book; I think you’ll enjoy it.

What do you think of Jacobs’ year? As a person of faith? As a writer? Would you ever try immersion writing like he did?