Astute readers will notice that several of the items on this list also appear on my “The Ten Greatest Things about Being a Full-Time Writer” list. This is no accident. Sometimes the best things in this life are also the hardest.

from Jacqueline Winspear via Cornelia Read

10. Sunny days make me feel guilty because I can’t be out in there.

9. Actually getting paid is a cause for celebration.

8. Your office is not somewhere you go; thus, it’s hard to “leave it at the office.”

7. Eating healthy snacks isn’t as easy as eating unhealthy ones.

6. People come to expect you to be immediately responsive to email and get, um, “worked up” when you wait a few hours to respond.

5. Working in PJs is far too easy a choice many days.

4. Too much coffee is not a good thing.

3. Your friends/acquaintances don’t really think you have a schedule.

2. You are your own boss, and sometimes your boss is a horrible taskmaster or a real slacker.

1. People ask, even after hearing you’re a writer, what your “real job” is.

So being a full-time writer is not all “roses and rainbows,” as my friend Mina likes to say about marriage, but it’s still the best life I know.

What do you find challenging about the writing life?