I am in dire need of a book organizing binge. AT this moment, aside from the fact that somehow my college yearbooks have ended up on the same shelf, nothing else has any system to it. Fiction is with nonfiction. Writing texts intermingle with Thomas Merton (albeit, that mingling is appropriate). Unread books sit willy-nilly among the read. Then, there are the piles . . . don’t get me started on the piles.

For some, random book distribution is not stressful at all; indeed, it’s delightful because it allows the perusal of the full collection, bringing back memories and stirring re-reads regularly.

For me, random book distribution generates the same feeling I get when I miss one spot on my carefully shaven legs – frustration!

So this week, when I need a break from writing or reading or sorting through Relay For Life emails, I am going to organize my bookshelves. Fiction in one area, alphabetized by author and then title. Writing books in one area, also alphabetized. Religion books in one area. And then a whole shelf full of To-Be-Reads . . . this also means I’ll probably be giving away a bunch of books, so keep an eye on Bookmooch.

Maybe this will spur me to more reading. Or maybe just to more book acquisition. I’ll keep you posted.

How are your bookshelves organized?