Ever have one of those weeks where you spend most of your time productively? Where most things go well? Where you find yourself pleased with the way meetings and conversations and get-togethers with friends have gone? I had that week this week.

The only problem with it? I didn’t get much reading time in. I miss that.

I did, however, spend some time with three really enjoyable books.

My first e-book read on my new Kindle* is The Crow, the third book in Alison Croggon’s Pellinor series. The series takes place in a land where magic is alive and well, and like Tolkien (but not as masterful), the heroes and heroines must fight to find who they are so that they can battle the Dark. While I am enjoying The Crow and I really enjoy the protagonist Hem, I find that much of my investment comes from Maerad and Aragon, the main characters from the first two books. I’m hoping this one will tie quickly back to that story line and lead easily to the final book in the series.

I also listened to the first book in Rick Riordan’s newest series Heroes of Olympus, The Lost Hero</em>. If you have read the Percy Jackson books, then you know many of the characters and the setting – Camp Half-Blood. But this is a whole new adventure with new characters and new quests. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot is paced well, the characters are endearing, and the mythology always sucks me in.

Finally, I started listening to Roots by Alex Haley on audio. I’ve seen parts of the mini-series, and I’ve read excerpts from the book. But I have been entirely remiss to not read the whole book. Already, it’s shaping how I think of what I’m writing and giving me a sense of how important setting and stories are to this larger historical context. I’m eager to get back in the car and “keep reading.”

So I haven’t read much at all on an actual page this week, and this disappoints me – but for busy weeks, I’m grateful for e-books and audio since they keep me reading.

What did you read this week? Do you read e-books? Listen to books on audio? Why or why not?

(By the way, I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas, so to honor that gift, I have decided to buy most of my books – and otherwise – elsewhere, but when my best option is Amazon, I will donate 10% of what I spend to a literacy/education/library organization somewhere.