They taunt me. They sit on their smooth sides with their titles spining out, and they taunt me.

I hear them in the back of my mind. They whisper to me. They tell themselves into my thoughts and lure me in.

Stacked high on a shelf they rest and wait for me. A seduction, a wooing. Those songs from the caves of Greek myths. I cannot resist.

Books. Writing. Revisions. For many, these things are burdens, tasks to be avoided or done as quickly as possible.

For me, they are my dream, the luxury of my life. The words that fill me up. That heal me. That take me to understanding and lead me to hope.

In this new year, when already so much seems right, I sit in this office piled high with books and papers, stacked up with dreams and stories, and I breathe deep the language. Life is good.

What makes your life good right now? What fills you up? What makes you overflow with the sense of hope and grace?