I was going to try to make a fancy title – “Gifts for the Writer’s Heart” maybe or “If you love a writer . . . ” But this title is much more honest. These are things that my friends and I want to make our little writer hearts do that happy Charlie Brown dance.

Shari Lopatin says, “I LOVE nice pens. You know, the fancy ones, that write smoothly and last forever.”

Charlene Kidd Fulgham wants “an old IBM typewriter.”

The folks at Deep South Magazine love “a good book.”

Eva Pauline Scott could use another journal since she uses them for a variety of things.

And Eileen Knowles thinks the best gift is “when hubby watches son and gives me time spent away in a coffee shop by myself.”

For me, the best gifts are great pens, great paper, and lots and lots and lots of books. But I also love these:

The Memoir Writing Frog Magnet

The Margin Release Typewriter Key Ring

“Books Along the Seine” Photograph

You can find all of these gifts – except the spouse who watches the kids while the writer slips away for a bit (If you know where I can find that, please let me know. 🙂 ) – at Etsy, my favorite place to shop for hand-made gifts. In fact, throughout this holiday weekend, I will be posting my favorite Etsy finds for writers on my Facebook page. Just click the link at the left to follow along, and feel free to share your own finds there, too.

So what would your favorite writerly gift be for this year? A book? A retreat to a cabin? A memory making vacation with the family? A great pack of pens?

You can still enter my 75-word Best Gift You Ever Received essay contest through midnight today. Just post a comment at the link above. Can’t wait to read your essays.