I’m almost done with the only Sarah Addison Allen book I haven’t yet read – The Peach Keeper. Sadly, this one isn’t as wonderful as the others, I don’t think, at least not so far. It doesn’t have enough of the subtle magic that make the others enjoyable.

Allen’s books (Addison Allen’s books? I never quite have learned how to use double last names.) weave together three things I love – stories about strong but flawed women, stories set in small towns that I might know (these are set in the mountains of North Carolina, where I was raised), and a little bit of the magical. In most cases, the magic belongs to a person or two – someone can cook to stir people’s emotions, someone glows (forgive the Twilight associations, if you will) at night, someone can cause things to explode or fry when her passions get up. There’s just something about a regular town with that little dose of the supernatural that makes me happy.

So The Peach Keeper just doesn’t have that much magic there; thus, it reads a little too Southern chick lit for me. But maybe it’ll perk up in these last few pages. And even if it doesn’t, I’ll keep reading her stuff. Now, if she’d only write faster.

Have you ever read all of an author’s work and found one piece disappointing?

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