Earlier this week, The Blood-Red Pencil posted “6 Questions NOT to ask a Writer,” and I polled some friends who are writers. Here are our top ten questions we hate:

10. But what do you really do?

9. Are you a bestseller yet?

8. Have you written any books?

7. Where do you get your ideas from?

6. What stops you from writing?

5. How’s the book coming?

4. Can you really live off writing?

3. So you really LIKE to write?

2. What will you when you’re done writing?

1. Since you don’t really have a job, could you [babysit my cat], [wash my car], [tweeze my eyebrows], etc?

What questions do you hate?

Many thanks to Jennifer Luitweiler, Dewi Faulkner, Alistair Reece, and Kristen Deeds for contributing their own most hated questions.

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