I have not yet succumbed to the Words with Friends phenomenon (note the “yet,” please), but I have succumbed to Twitter and all the great stuff it gives me.

One of the best things about Twitter is that it connects me with other writers. We commiserate; we swap ideas (like this one about breaking writer’s block from @creativepenn); and we talk about our writing projects. I so appreciate this last element. It’s just nice to talk about writing with writers sometime, and when – like me – you live 2.5 miles from “the road,” those opportunities are rare.

Plus, I learn about all kinds of great books that folks are working on.
@crazywidow is writing a memoir about marriage, battling customs, and her husband’s death from angiosarcoma.

@corniliaamiri is “Working on final edits for a YA novel coming 01/7/12 -The Prince of Powys -An Ancient God, a magic sword, and a hero named Blaise.”

@jesse_sublett is writing about “How the sixties turned weird in Austin, TX, as seen through the eyes of a white trash mafia of disaffected pre-boomer thugs.”

@suemacy1 says, “I’m writing a picture book about when TV met Roller Derby in 1948, resulting in a huge surge in popularity for both.”

I so love that. Grief and healing. 1960s Austin. The Roller Derby for kids. Awesome stuff.

That doesn’t even include @jenluit who is writing about racial history in Oklahoma or @shawnsmucker whose book about his Amish family history comes out today.

There really is so much good stuff going on for writers on Twitter. I highly recommend you check it out.

Are you on Twitter? If so, post your Twitter name, and tell me which writers you follow on Twitter? Who should we all check out? Oh, and you can find me @andilit.