Most weeks, I have the true privilege of being part of the weekly Writer’s Chat hosted by the writing co-op of which I am a part – The Whole Story Media Group. Usually these discussions help me feel less alone in this whole writing thing, and on any given evening, I walk away with at least one idea to keep me going on this writing thing.

Last night was no exception. @bookish_type gave me my best take away – use times when you’re busy – like the holidays – to revise.

I really loved this idea because it gets me past the two biggest hurdles I let get in my way – my own fear of putting new words on the page and my desire to spend time with people. Revision is easier for me to get into quickly, and it’s not nearly as daunting as producing new work. I’m still going to try to hold to my new writing schedule, but when I can’t, I’ll revise.

But last night’s discussion also had several other gems of insight. @TheDrivingFarce suggested dosing the cranberry “salad” (I tried to explain it was sauce, but he was having none of that) with sedative and/or laxative to give himself some time alone. @crazywidow recommended alcohol, drugs, sex, and parties as a cure for @thedrivingfarce’s indigestion, and @jenluit followed up by suggesting that he eat until it didn’t hurt anymore.

So if you’re ever wanting for good writerly advice, tune in on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST for a few tweets using #WSMG. You might get some good wisdom, and you might get a good laugh. Both are crucial for this thing we call the writing life.

What bits of wisdom have you picked up from Twitter? Or if you don’t tweet, where do you get your writerly support? Or alternately, what methods for you suggest that @thedrivingfarce use to combat indigestion?