Now that I have this writing schedule, I’m perfecting the process I use in those two hours each day. So here are the five things I cannot do without as I write each day:

5. A great pen or two. I love the pen my friend Jansen made me for the part of my practice where I’m jotting down ideas. Then, I pick up a Uniball and speed along as the words come faster and faster.

4. A journal. In these pages I write down anything I’m thinking. I copy down quotes or just vent out what’s frustrating. I love holding these things in a journal so that I can go back and review them days or years later.

3. A book of poetry. Right now, I’m reading Terrance HayesHip Logic. I find a line in a poem, and I use it to launch my freewrite for the day.

2. A short writing assignment that I can finish in a few minutes. Sometimes I use guest blog posts, sometimes just short descriptions that I can complete quickly. This just kicks up my language and gets my words flowing fast.

1. A computer. I love the feel of hand-writing to get started, but nothing works as well as typing for me when I really get going. I should really thank Mrs. Deane who forced me to learn how to type in high school. So thanks, Mrs. Deane.

So that’s it – the things I always want to be part of my practice. I can do without any of them, but I’d rather not.

What about you? What are the essential tools for your writing practice?

Note – Thanks to @cvillenotes on Twitter for inspiring this post today. And thanks to Jill for the great writing prompt creator Storymatic.