I’ve debated this for days. I’ve asked feedback from folks. I’ve prayed for clarity and sought insight. I’ve reviewed models and studied successful campaigns. And I’ve come to a decision.

Image Copyright Maggie Selph More

For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter campaigns, they are a method of crowd-sourcing funds for an artistic project. Individuals pledge a certain amount of money to provide the financing for a specific project – in this case, the research needed for me to complete my book – and if the full amount needed is raised, those funds are received by the artist. If the full-funding isn’t achieved, the funds return to the investors. Musicians, in particular, have been funding their recordings this way quite successfully for some time now.

I am asking for funding specifically for my research. I have a lot of travelling to do – both within the state of Virginia and around the country, particularly to Alabama and Missisippi, and research trips do not come cheap, nor do the photocopies generated on those research trips. I am also hoping to – politics permitting – visit Liberia to research the people who were emancipated on condition they emigrate to that country.

I know financial times are tight, and I realize some of you would rather give your funds to other things. Please know that I understand all of these things. I just ask that if you are invested in my project and can give, that you will consider doing so. There are rewards for each level of giving – all of which give you special access to the book in ways that the general public will not have.

If you are interested, please visit my Kickstarter page, read about the project, consider the funding levels, and watch the video I made – it will give you a taste of the book in pictures (plus a homemade video of me in my office.) Directions for how to make a contribution can be found there.

Thanks for considering this campaign, and if you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to write me: andilit – at- gmail.com.