We know the pattern. The romance is gone. The fun has evaporated. There’s nothing left, but that lover keeps hanging on. He texts the random, “I love you” and “likes” that adorable photo of you on Facebook. He gives you the time of day once in a while, but most of the time he ignores you, even when you need him. He’s the Ex.

Apollo and the Muses by Nicholas Poussin

I say, Kick him to the curb.

Do the same thing with “your muse.”

The muse is insulting to you as a human being. You don’t need her. You need better than her. You need YOU.

You need the writer that is you, the one who shows up to the page every day and sends herself “I love you”s through the words you write on your page.

You need the you that comes to work every day and puts in the time, who finds her strength from within, not from some part-time lover with golden ringlets. You need the best of you are as a writer . . .

And your best doesn’t need a muse.

So today, commit that you’ll stop listening for that whisper in your ear and start listening to the voice of your heart and your mind. I think you’ll find them more reliable.

What do you think about the idea of the muse? Do you find truth to the idea? Or does it belie your experience?