I have had an amazing day full of words and hopes and goals and coffee. The chance to read new things. Moments of quiet and pristine skies. A moon shining pure over the earth.

Tonight, I am listening to the simplicity of Shawn MacDonald‘s lyrics. The air is chill and perfect for sleeping. My pillow waits for me, its purple pillow case a small joy in the night.

I can think of many things to say. Many important things about writing and the legacy of slavery and the value of community and my mom. I could make myself write them, shape them into something that is good enough and valuable.

But tonight, what I want is to sit and listen – to the music, to the breath of air, to the Voice of my Love. To just sit and listen.

And not speak.

When do you find yourself inclined to listen? What kind of day or place evokes that spirit in you?