I take words seriously. Very seriously. They are how I make my living and how I make my life. So when someone writes something, I tend to give it weight.

The Sea of Galilee

I had that experience tonight. I let something said in passing and without context really derail me for about an hour. I totally lost track of my balance and felt like my mind was tumbling end over end through the universe.

When this happens, I have only one real solution – words. I talked to good friends – on the phone, through text, and via email (sometimes I am so grateful for technology) – and I journalled. I poured out my confusion and pain to people who love me and to myself, filling a page rapidly with questions and exclamations. . . until now, three hours later, I feel myself again – my mind is sitting (fairly) balanced again.

Nothing else gives me this restoration and equilibrium. Not running (although I am slowly coming to love that), not music (although music feeds my spirit in so many ways), not even really good ice cream. Only words do this. Perhaps it is because I take words so seriously that this is so – I find they have power.

Like a word that can calm the sea.

What effect do words have on you? Can words through you off kilter? Does talking something over with a friend give you balance? Journalling? A regular writing practice?