I knew this story had a happy ending. I knew because I know Janet. I know her strength, her ability to inspire me and others. I knew this story ended well because Janet is here, running her way through life.

But when I started her memoir Because I Can, I forgot that I knew the ending was happy. Instead, I got lost in the story of Janet’s accident, her surgery, her recovery, and her absolute determination to put one foot in front of the other.

The memoir has a simple style – no frilly sentences or fancy words. As a literature major, this gave me a pause for about a millisecond; then, I was absolutely caught up in the story Janet was telling. I found her experience so compelling and so profound in its actuality that I didn’t need (or want) any fancy literary devices to move it forward – the sheer strength of Janet’s spirit did that.

If you want a model of what a powerful memoir can be, then pick up this book. If you want to see language working as it should – as medium not purpose itself – then this memoir is for you. If you need inspiration to continue on the path of life – day by day, footstep by footstep – I highly recommend Janet’s book.

Because she could, we know we can.

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