No matter how this unfolds, He is always good and we are always loved. Let go. — Ann Voskamp

This morning, Ken Mueller and I were IM-ing away, as we often do, and as he often does, Ken provided me some valuable information. I said, “So can you really see who is looking at your FB profile? Or are all those things just spam? I never click them, but I’m always curious.”

His response, “no
don’t click

As Ken also pointed out, it’s so tempting. Just click and you’ll know who is really interested in what you have to say, who might have a little crush on you, who doesn’t really talk to you but stalks your profile anyway. We really want to know these things. We want to know more. It seems like if we know more, we have more control. But the truth is, we don’t have much control anyway. And what does knowing who looked at your profile really tell you – not much – about as much as what it means when she clicks “like” on his comment. There’s just no context for any of that information, so it’s not useful.

Still, though, we want to know – I want to know. I crave the security of information. I think that if I just know more, if I just think through things more, if I just push more, I will have all the answers I need, and then life will be easier. This is – of course – a lie. No amount of information – no amount of anything of this world really – will make me secure. You’d think that by this point in my life I’d realize this, but, well, I still want to click those profile stalker links, so I guess not.

Sometimes, the fact is that I have to be content with not knowing (another paraphrase from the wisdom of Ken). There are things I can’t know, and things, perhaps, I shouldn’t know. I need more time or more perspective or more growth to be ready, or maybe knowing will only hurt me or mislead me. Sometimes not knowing really is best. I hate that truth, but still, a truth it is.

In a universe where nothing is ever out of control of the hands of a loving God, I can be safe knowing that God knows and that all really is working for our good – whether I can see that in the moment or not.

No matter what unfolds, God is always good and we are always loved.