One of the toughest things about being a writer – at least for me – is that the job is never done. I don’t have hours where I have to be at work, and that’s a blessing. But I also don’t have hours where I couldn’t be working. Some days I really long for an eight-hour work day where I was required to sit at a desk and do my job but then could leave my work there.

So today, on Labor Day, I am taking this day from my labor, mostly. I’m giving myself a break and enjoying the day of mindless whateverness. I think I’ll watch a video, snooze in the recliner, eat some really unhealthy food, and find my reserve of words restored tomorrow.

Sometimes the best thing a writer can do is let the words rest for a day.

How do you give yourself a break from your work, especially if you could work all the time?