Normally I like to keep up the carefully crafted facade of the English major. After 15 years away from actually being an English major, this identity is fragile and must be preserved with lots of bookshelves and the use of big words like “perspicacity.” So typically I hide away my “light” reading, being careful especially to keep it off the blog.

But in the quest for transparency and honesty – and because I truly do believe that what’s most important is that people read, not necessarily what they read – I’m going to admit something.

My favorite book of the week was Deception Point by Dan Brown, the man of DaVinci Code fame. This particular book involves NASA, Antarctica, mega plumes on the ocean floor, lots of helicopters, and of course a great deal of intrigue. It was fantastic in only the way things formulaic can be fantastic. There was a cliff-hanger every chapter, a romance that develops even as the two people involved nearly die at least three times, lots of national “secrets” slipped in like marshmallows in ice cream, and multiple story lines that eventually come together for just the perfect resolution.

I listened to it in the car as I drove back and forth to the city for research on much heavier topics, and it was exactly what I needed. Nothing heavy, nothing laborious to understand – just straight-forward plot. Just the right thing.

So there you have it. I like Dan Brown books. Can I still call myself an English major?

What “light” reading are you willing to admit you loved?

Cover of Deception Point by Dan Brown