May my silences become more accurate. – Theodore Roethke

'SILENCE' photo (c) 2010, Anders Printz - license:

At the beginning of my writing practice, as at the beginning of my yoga practice, as at the beginning of true worship, a space opens up around me. I feel it moving back from my body in all directions, like it’s building a buffer of silence where I can settle in.

It’s this silence that seems to be the food for me. The sustenance that enlivens my words, my spirit, my worship. Without it, I’m inundated by thoughts and images; ideas crush down on me, pressurized experienced threatening to force the life out of me. But in the space of silence, I can witness, I can sip in experience, I can let it reach me slowly like sunlight.

So with Roethke I pray, “May my silences be more accurate.” And more lovely.

What feeds your writing, your spirit, your worship?